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CoachPress Upgrade :: version 3.1.2

Posted on Friday, January 25th, 2013
Category: System Updates

Lacrossenite is proud to present version 3.1.2 of our proprietary CoachPress platform.

CoachPress is the name of the software program that controls your Lacrossenite system. We are constantly working on improving CoachPress, based on your feedback and requests. The heart of every upgrade is our coaches, and the new features and changes you suggest. If you have an idea for a new feature, or a change you’d like to see, shoot us an email at we want to hear about it.

You have been upgraded automatically. You don’t need to download anything or do anything special- just continue enjoying your service.

All system changes and new features included in version 3.1.2 are listed below:

Bump image cropper quality 5%

Josh set PNGs to have no compression (best quality).

Josh set JPEG to use 90% quality (up fro 70%).

Dashboard RSS Feeds

When the RSS breaks on the dashboard the coachnite feed or the two other feeds below it show a bunch of XML goop.

Fixed to hide the goop.

XML Slowdown Issue

We have identified and repaired an issue with some XML files that was causing an intermittent slowdown of the system.

Dues bug

When you click on the event then tab over to event dues . Vs. clicking the participant link that takes you tab#2 the bills show up differently if created depending on the way you took to get there. Need to test this more.

Manual Event Sign Up

Say 1/2 the kids signup for an event themselves and the other 1/2 the coach adds himself via the event


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