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CoachPress Upgrade :: version 3.1 (this was a big one!)

Posted on Monday, December 3rd, 2012
Category: System Updates

Lacrossenite is proud to announce the release of CoachPress version 3.1. We wanted to kick off December with a bang and in this upgrade you will find a ton of new goodies and enhanced features. We have been taking all of your feedback very seriously and wanted to thank everyone who made suggestions on how to make your club management experience a better one for you, your players, and community. Without further ado here is a list of what is included in CoachPress 3.1.

The introduction of the Notification Header Bar

The new notification header bar will allow you and your players the ease of getting the information they need. For example if somebody has dues they need to pay it will show up right on your website or if there is an upcoming event they need to signup for or are attending it will be right there for them on your public website. What shows up in the notification header bar is custom content for the user that is logged in. Not to mention the ease of getting to their profile, manage their children (if they happen to be a parent), or finding the registration page if they need to register.

User registration 2.0

Now user registration is a one stop shop, easy as 1…2…3… You will capture all the information you need in one place. Also, the ability to turn manual approval of new registration can be turned on or off on your general settings page when logged in.

Various updates to forms

You can now have an auto-responder sent to the person filling out a form. E.g. “Thanks for filling out our contact form we will get back to you soon!” You can now delete form responses from the ‘View form responses’ page. On event signup forms participants can now update their answers after filling out an event signup form in case any pending answers happen to change.

Various Dues updates

More ‘export to excel’ buttons have been added around the admin section to help you get the information you need. On the ‘unpaid dues’ screen the ability to add a gift certificate or scholarship has been added. You can now revert payments on the transaction history page in case an error or refund takes place. Discounts are now a possibility on the new discounts page that will allow you to create different discounts where you can then apply the discount to all or specific people.

Added Widgets

Two new widgets have been added including a weather widget where you can display weather on your public website and the RSS widget where you can display an RSS feed of your choosing on your public website.

Events enhancements and added features

You can now edit/update all or selected recurring days of an event. On the event participants screen you can easily send a mass email/text message to all event participants and now easier than ever create a bill/fee for your event. Also as mentioned above when somebody fills out the event signup form they now have the option to update their answers after filling out the form.

Enhanced privacy

The ability to have privacy on a page-by-page basis has been added to pages and news posts.

Updated designs

Various elements have been spruced up including the tab layout

Various bug fixes

Different bugs around the system and been squashed.

If you have any questions or new suggestions on how we can make our online software better for you please contact your club consultant to discuss.

Lacrossenite Team


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